Main Aims

Czech Geotechnical Society is a voluntary non-profit professional association of engineers and technicians working in the authorization field of geotechnical engineering. Czech Geotechnical Society closely coordinates its activities with the Czech Union of Civil Engineers.

Geotechnics investigates the properties of soils and rocks, investigates their interaction with structures and investigates their utilizabibility as a construction material. It includes interconnection of specialization such as soil mechanics, rock mechanics, engineering geology, engineering seismology, foundations, earth structures, underground structures and quarry engineering.

Czech Geotechnical Society is generally governed by the statues of the Czech Union of Civil Engineers. In the context of these statutes it creates a separate legal subject.

Objectives and role of ČGtS:

  • Developing of the professional level of geotechnical profession.
  • Developing of professional and ethical levels of the members of the Geotechnical Society.
  • Close cooperation with the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians Active in Construction (ČKAIT).
  • Cooperation with ČSSI and ČKAIT in solving of ethical problems.
  • Providing a platform for professional content as well as formal coordination in organizing seminars and conferences for all interest groups, guaranteeing the professional content of these actions.
  • Defending the professional interests of its members and the industry and its representation to all state authorities.
  • Providing professional expert opinions and help to public authorities and to the business sector.
  • Representing the field of geotechnical engineering to international societies of the same focus. Close cooperation with the Czech and Slovak Committee for soil mechanics and foundation engineering, especially in matters related to membership in the ISSMGE.
  • Participation in legislative regulatory and standardization activities in all areas that affect the field of geotechnical engineering.
  • Cooperation with universities and professional institutes in the teaching of geotechnical engineering.